Jamie Thompson
Noble County Assessor

Address: 300 Courthouse Drive #9 Perry, OK 73077
Telephone: 580-336-2185
First Deputy Assessor:
Catherine Oakley
McKayla Heath
Shelly Johnson

Duties and Responsibilities of the County Assessor:

  • Lists and maintains records on each piece of taxable real and personal property in Noble County. Real property includes land and buildings (usually called improvements). Personal property includes business furniture, fixtures, equipment, inventory, and farm machinery and equipment.
  • Determines fair cash value annually for homes, businesses, and other taxable property in Noble County. Fair cash value may go up or down depending on the real estate market in the county. The effective date of the appraisal is January 1st of every year. By law, the Assessor is required to perform a visual inspection of each property at least once every four years. The Assessor also determines value of new construction, or improvements.
  • Notifies property owners of any increase in the fair cash value of their property.
  • Assists taxpayers in filing homestead exemptions and affidavits for property that is exempt under Oklahoma law.
  • Resolves questions or protests about valuation.
  • Appears before the County Board of Equalization.

Important Dates:

  • January 1 – March 15 – Personal property Assessment Period (Both Ag and Business).
  • March 15 – Deadline for all exemptions to be filed.

Additional Information, Forms and Subscription Services: