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Requirements for Recording

19 O.S. Section 261:

All instruments filed for record in the Office of any County Clerk within the State of Oklahoma shall, under the signature affixed to said instrument, bear the printed or typed name of the signer thereof.

19 O.S. Section 298:

  • Shall be an original or certified copy of an original instrument.
  • Shall be clearly legible, in the English language, using xerographically reproducible dark ink, on paper of a color that is xerographically reproducible by the copying equipment in use by the county clerk.
  • Shall describe the property by its specific legal description, and provide such information as is necessary for indexing.
  • Shall on each instrument be listed the mailing address of the grantee, mortgage, assignee or other designated party to which the instrument is to be delivered after recording.
  • If the instrument contains more than twenty-five legal descriptions requiring separate entries in the indexes, the descriptions shall be sorted by addition, block, and lot if platted property, or by township, range, and section if described by governmental survey description. Any instrument offered for recording containing more than twenty-five legal descriptions per page, shall be accompanied by an additional filing fee of one dollar ($1.00) per legal description in excess of twenty-five legal descriptions per page.
  • Unless otherwise provided by law, such documents shall measure no larger than eight and one-half (8 ½) inches by fourteen (14) inches.
  • All documents shall provide an area free of printed information sufficient in size to accommodate affixation of the documentary stamps required, any certification of payment of mortgage taxes, and the recording information affixed by the county clerk upon acceptance of a document for recordation.
  • If an instrument submitted to the county clerk for recording does not contain sufficient space for the affixation of such stamps and recording information without covering language contained in the instrument, the county clerk may attach an additional page to the document to provide for the affixation of such stamps and recording information.
  • The top margin of all documents shall be at least one (1) inch and all other margins shall be at least one-half (1/2) inch.
  • Despite any provision in this section to the contrary, the county clerk shall accept for filing any document that fails to meet the requirement of this section if:

    • The document is an original or a certified copy of an original;
    • The document is legible without the aid of magnification or other enhancement of the text;
    • The document is xerographically reproducible by the copying equipment in use by the county clerk;
    • The document meets all other statutory requirements for recordation; and
    • The person offering the instrument for recording pays the additional fee provided in Section 32 of Title 28 of the Oklahoma Statutes for nonconforming documents.